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PSA Rise After SurgeryWhat Happens Next?

08/01/2018 · Hello All. I'd inquired about my husbands PSA and surgery last June 2017. He'd been going to a urologist, PSA was 8.9, had a Gleason of 7 43. His biopsy showed 12 core, 9 with, 3 without. After reading on this forum and many other websites, we both decided he would be better off going to a surgeon that used the DaVinci method. We picked. My post surgery PSA was 0.1. My personal feeling is that I would have waited to see what happened to the PSA after RP as BD is doing rather than jump into an aggressive treatment therapy but I certainly understand why you would want to do that given your pre and post RP pathology. 27/03/2019 · Thanks for your reply. The level of PSA that indicates recurrent cancer is >0.1ng or also in the case of persistence after prostatectomy. I have an extraordinarily high level of 4.0 ng which is as you know the upper limit of normal with a prostate even though I do not have one now.

22/12/2015 · All these patients had PSA levels less than 0.1 ng/ml after surgery. However, one third of them later had biochemical recurrence, while the others continued to have an undetectable PSA level for many years after surgery. The study participants were similar in age and race and had negative surgical margins after surgery. On average, it took eight years from the time a man's PSA first went up until he developed metastatic disease -- which suggests, Walsh says, that ''there is no need to panic'' at the first sign of a rise in PSA. Even after developing metastatic cancer detected by bone scans and other imaging techniques, men still lived an average of five.

Men with RRP Gleason scores < 8 had a 62% chance of remaining free of metastasis 5 years after surgery compared with a 30% probability in men with higher grade tumors Gleason score of 8-10. The risk of developing metastatic disease when PSA persists after. Infection or inflammation of the prostate gland or remaining prostate tissue can cause your PSA levels to increase. If you have increasing PSA levels after surgery for an enlarged prostate, your doctor might recommend: A wait-and-see approach. He or she might advise you to retake the PSA test. Medication. Since results immediately after surgery can be skewed, any test results should be repeated after you have fully healed and recovered. Since each patient is different, this recovery time may take a few weeks or even up to a few months. During that time, your physician will let you know how often to test your PSA.

psa after surgery - Prostate Cancer

Persistent prostate-specific antigen PSA; ≥0.1ng/ml at 6wk after radical prostatectomy represents an independent predictor for worse long-term oncological outcome after radical prostatectomy in patients with nonmetastatic prostate cancer. Specifically, persistent PSA is associated with death and development of metastasis. In selected. Seemingly simple at a glance, PSA post-prostatectomy is anything but simple. Although PSA should be zero after surgery, some patients are faced with one of two scenarios: PSA recurrence or PSA persistence. PSA persistence is. A number of factors can cause PSA levels to rise after surgery for an enlarged prostate.

If your PSA level remains stable six months after treatment, you might be able to have your PSA levels checked remotely. You’ll still have PSA tests done at the hospital or your GP surgery, but you won’t have to go back again to get your results. Prior to having a TURP in 98, my PSA gradually over a period of several years went from 4 to 17. After surgery it immediately dropped back to 4 and has remained there ever since. My PSA has never been much lower than 4. My uro said that it was fairly common to have elevated PSA.

25/03/2019 · My first score after robotic surgery. What it is. What it means. How I feel. What’s next? Carlos. Welcome to the board. After surgery, without any prostate in place the PSA should not exist. But the urethra also produces tinny fractions of the serum and such low.

12/01/2015 · Time from first detectable PSA following radical prostatectomy to biochemical recurrence:. All subjects had to have an undetectable PSA after surgery followed by at least 1 detectable PSA. The cohort entry date was defined as the date of the first detectable PSA. 07/07/2019 · We are very fortunate in that total PSA is an extremely accurate tool for determining BCR since it defines it!, as well as in monitoring almost all adjuvant and salvage treatments. If your doc ordered a % fPSA after surgery, I would assume it was a mistake/oversight.

0.1 PSA after surgery. is this good or bad?

Interpretation of PSA levels after radical therapy for prostate cancer Prostate-specific antigen plays a role in active surveillance and postoperative monitoring of prostate cancer patients. The authors discuss PSA screening, and consider some of the problems involved in interpretation of PSA levels after radical prostatectomy, radical. 14/01/2015 · Low detectable PSA after prostatectomy – watch or treat? Posted on January 14, 2015 by Sitemaster In a previous article, we looked at evidence that a low detectable level of PSA predicts eventual biochemical recurrence a confirmed PSA greater than.

29/12/2016 · But when to initiate salvage radiation has been open question, since PSA will also rise if small amounts of benign prostate tissue have been left behind after surgery. Many times, doctors don’t know if biochemical recurrence is really cancer, so they wait to see if the PSA levels will rise any further. His lymph nodes were all clear. He was continent no pads and potent could manage penetrative intercourse by 3 months after surgery. His PSA was undetectable up to 12 months after surgery, but rose to 0.1 ng/ml at 18 months and 0.2 ng/ml at 2 years. He had salvage radiotherapy over a 6 week period and had an unrecordable PSA thereafter. I had a PSA test 2 weeks ago and it had dropped to 0.061 but the cancer nurse specialist said it was a bit early for a true result as the RT takes time to show. Next test is in July. I read various studies about RT after a prostatectomy and rising PSA and decided that was the route I wanted to follow. 01/12/2019 · Hello. My husband 51, had a radical robotic prostatectomy 3.5 months ago. his pre surgery psa was 9.5. one month after surgery it was.18. one month later it was.14 and then one month after that it was UP to.16. So. the surgeon is saying he would like to see it 'unreadable' by now, and is recommending a 7 week round of radiation 5x a week.

09/02/2015 · After surgery, PSA should become "undetectable" on a normal PSA test i.e., < 0.1 ng/ml within a month or two, but sometimes it remains elevated. The primary purpose of the ARO 96-02 randomized clinical trial was to determine whether there was an advantage to treating stage T3-4N0 patients while PSA was still undetectable, or whether. On average, it took eight years from the time a man's PSA first went up until he developed metastatic disease -- which suggests, Walsh says, that "there is no need to panic" at the first sign of a rise in PSA. Even after developing metastatic cancer detected by bone scans and other imaging techniques, men still lived an average of five years.

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